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Drought Emergency Application (DEA) – Because of the release of DEP's drought emergency electronic system, some forms are required to be submitted through the DEA. and paper forms will no longer be accepted ("*"). Some of the other forms may be completed either through DEA or completed hard copy ("+"); others have to be completed hard copy ("**"). Refer to below list for applicable annotation.


Public Water Supply

Athletic Field

Golf Course

*Must be completed and submitted electronically through the DEA

**Must be completed hard copy 

+May be completed either electronically or hard copy

For those that are completed hard copy, the form can be uploaded and submitted electronically through the Drought Emergency Application where you can track the status and receive e-mail notifications (e.g., submission received, being returned for revision, etc.) or it can be mailed or faxed (no automated e-mails will be received) to the Office of the Commonwealth Drought Coordinator.