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List of Pennsylvania's Priority Waste Tire Piles

The following are the Department of Environmental Protection's priority enforcement lists of abandoned and commercial waste tire piles in Pennsylvania. Required by the Waste Tire Recycling Act, these lists are comprised of those sites in the commonwealth with more than 10,000 waste tires. In order to qualify for state funded cleanup, a waste tire pile must be on the abandoned waste tire pile list. These lists will be periodically updated to reflect reductions in Pennsylvania's waste tire piles under the waste tire program.

Please contact the appropriate regional office to determine the current status of the waste tire pile. Please note that some waste tire piles may be known by several different names. When identifying or referring to a particular site, please provide all of the available information on that site in addition to the listed site name (such as the county, municipality, address, property owner, and any available location descriptions). Doing so will help reduce any confusion that may occur with the identification of a specific pile. The number of tires contained in each pile is an estimate and should not be construed as being an exact count.

Updated: June 23, 2016


Priority Enforcement List - Abandoned Waste Tire Piles

County Township Region

Pile Type

Pile Name
Bedford E. Providence SCRO Aban. O'Rourke Tire Site
Greene Perry SWRO Aban. Kiger
Greene Rich Hill SWRO Aban. Ray McClellan Junk Yard
Huntington Cromwell SCRO Aban. Gerald Booher

Priority Enforcement List - Commercial Waste Tire Piles

County Township Region

Pile Type

Pile Name
Allegheny Forward SWRO Com. Suchko Tire Site (Forward Ind. Dev. Corp.)
Berks Long Swamp SCRO Com. Krauss


Bucks Bedminister SERO Com. Geese Auto Salvage
Bucks Springfield/Richland SERO Com. Herman Moyer Salvage
Fayette North Union SWRO Com. Dandrea Brothers Salvage
Lancaster Clay SCRO Com. Larry Gehr
Lancaster Little Britain SCRO Com. Stewart Criswell
Lebanon East Hanover SCRO Com. Mike Geesaman
Perry Carrol SCRO Com. Perry County Metals
Schuylkill North Manheim NERO Com. Paul Wellers Tire Shop

Lower Windsor

SCRO Aban. Salvage Management 


For more information, contact the Division of Municipal and Residual Waste at 717-787-7381.