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Regulated Tank List

Information on registered storage tanks is available in several formats for online access or downloading. Fact sheet #1566, Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act - An Overview (PDF) describes the types of tanks that require registration. The information on this page includes registered, regulated storage tanks, except aboveground tank systems storing highly hazardous substances, and aboveground tank systems with a capacity greater than 21,000 gallons (because of the sensitive nature of the information). Home heating oil tanks are not regulated and are not part of this list. The information is derived from DEP's eFACTS (Environment, Facility, Application, Compliance Tracking System) database.

For questions or printed information pertaining to regulated storage tanks, please contact the Storage Tank Program's Customer Service at 800-42TANKS (PA Only) or 717-772-5599.

General questions pertaining to these lists can be directed to

The following key provides an explanation of the fields contained in the storage tank listing.

SITE ID - A department wide site identification number assigned by eFACTS to the location where the storage tank facility is located.

OTHER ID - An identification number assigned to the storage tank facility by DEP's Storage Tank Program.

NAME - The name of the storage tank facility.

ADDRESS - The location address of the storage tank facility.

COUNTY - The name of the county in which the storage tank facility is located.

MUNICIPALITY - The name of the municipality in which the storage tank facility is located.

ORGANIZATION - The DEP region where the storage tank facility is located. The codes are as follows:

  • SE - Southeast Region (Norristown)
  • NE - Northeast Region (Wilkes-Barre)
  • SC - South-central Region (Harrisburg)
  • NC - North-central Region (Williamsport)
  • SW - Southwest Region (Pittsburgh)
  • NW - Northwest Region (Meadville)

CLIENT ID - A department wide client identification number assigned by eFACTS for the storage tank facility's client.

CLIENT NAME and ADDRESS - The person or organization responsible for the storage tank facility. Address of the responsible party.

SEQUENCE NUMBER - A tank specific code assigned by DEP's Storage Tank Program.

TANK CODE - The type of regulated storage tank system. The codes are as follows:

  • AST - Aboveground storage tank system
  • UST - Underground storage tank system

DATE INSTALLED - Date the storage tank was installed.

CAPACITY - Storage tank capacity in U.S. gallons.

SUBSTANCE - Type of substance stored in the tank. The codes are as follows:

  • AVGAS - Aviation Gasoline
  • BIDSL - Biodiesel
  • DIESL - Diesel Fuel
  • ETHNL - Ethanol
  • FO - Fuel Oil
  • GAS - Gasoline
  • GASOL - Gasohol (>15 percent alcohol)
  • HO - Heating Oil
  • HZPRL - Hazardous mixed with Petroleum
  • HZSUB - Hazardous Substance
  • JET - Jet Fuel
  • KERO - Kerosene
  • NMO - New Motor Oil
  • NPOIL - Nonpetroleum Oil
  • UMO - Used Motor Oil
  • UNK - Unknown
  • USDOL - Used Oil
  • WO - Waste Oil

STATUS CODE - The current status of the tank. The codes and their descriptions are as follows:

  • C - Currently In Use
  • T - Temporarily Out of Use

PERMIT TYPE - Operating Permit Type and their descriptions are as follows:

  • PBR - Permit By Rule
  • GOP - General Operating Permit

PERMIT STATUS - The current status of the Operating Permit and their descriptions are as follows:

  • APPR - Approved
  • DENI - Denied
  • REVOK - Revoked
  • SUSPD - Suspended
  • WITHD - Withdrawn
  • WITHH - Withheld
  • WRR - Withheld Registration To Remove

DATE LAST INSPECTION - Date the storage tank was last inspected.

INSPECTION CODE - The type of inspection performed. The codes and their descriptions are as follows:

  • FOI - Facility Operation Inspection (UST only)
  • IS - In Service (AST only)
  • OS - Out of Service (AST only)

Online Information

  • Storage Tank Search
    This application allows the user to query active storage tank information by: permit status, county, municipality, zip code or facility ID. This application provides site and client information on: name, address, city, state and zip, as well as facility, client and site ID numbers. Tank information provided includes: sequence number, tank code, date installed, capacity, substance code, status, date of last inspection and inspection code. To query only those tanks which have approved operating permits and may receive product, select "Approved" from the Permit Status drop-down. Information is updated daily.
  • Downloadable Information
    The storage tank inventory is split into DEP regions (view map of regions). Each report is contained in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Files will be updated monthly.
  • eFACTS
    eFACTS allows users to query by: county, municipality, company (client) name, authorization ID, permit number, client ID or zip code. eFACTS provides site information on: site name, site address (street, city, state and zip), site status, (all DEP) program(s) and pollution prevention activities. Note - storage tanks is included under the Waste Program. A client query will also provide information on recent client and facility inspections. Tank information provided includes: authorization ID, sub facility, (sub facility) type, date received (application/registration) and (registration/authorization) status/date. Facility inspection information provided includes: date, reason, results and owner/operator. Information on violations is also provided.

Disclaimer for Data

The commonwealth and the author/originatory of this data, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, make no representations or warranties regarding the suitability or sufficiency or accuracy of the data, or any derivatives thereof for any purpose. User understands that said data was created for purposes of carrying out specific commonwealth delegated functions, and that any and all liability arising from user's use of or reliance upon said data rests solely with user. User holds commonwealth and DEP harmless against any claims arising out of its use.