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General Permits

Note: Applications are to be submitted to the DEP Regional office serving you. Contact the Allegheny or Philadelphia air programs for permits in those counties.

  • GP-1 (2700-PM-AQ0201)
    Small Gas and No. 2 Oil-Fired Combustion Units
  • GP-2 (2700-PM-AQ0202)
    Storage Tanks for Volatile Organic Liquids
  • GP-3 (2700-PM-AQ0203)
    Portable Nonmetallic Mineral Processing Plants
  • GP-4 (2700-PM-AQ0204)
    Burn-Off Ovens

    The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is transitioning away from paper to online electronic permit applications. Provided here are links to the General Permit 5/5A ePermitting instructional video and user guide. From 1:00PM to 2:30PM on Tuesday, June 12th the Department will be holding a training webinar during which the video will be shown and questions taken. We strongly recommend you watch the video and participate in the webinar. Please use this link to pre-register for the June 12th webinar - Those having problems joining the webinar should contact WebEx Support at 1-866-229-3239 and reference Event Number 648 980 446.

    The General Permit 5/5A ePemitting System is one of many applications on the Department's GreenPort website. You will need to create a GreenPort account to access the system if you don't already have one. Regardless of how many DEP systems you want to access, only one GreenPort account is necessary. Once you create an account, you will need to fill out and submit an Electronic Filing Administrator (EFA) Registration and Security Agreement for Permitting. The completed form may be scanned and emailed to or mailed to:

    PA DEP
    Bureau of Air Quality
    Division of Permits
    PO Box 8468
    Harrisburg, PA 17105-8468

    Your information will be verified and the proper connections will be made from your GreenPort account to existing air quality records in eFACTS, if any. You may begin using the GP5/5A ePermit application system once you receive notification that this is complete. Those having problems creating a Greenport account should call the DEP Service Help Desk at 717-787-4357.

    While we strongly encourage the use of the ePermitting System, links to the paper applications and instructions can be found here.

  • Natural Gas Compression Stations, Processing Facilities and Well Pads
  • GP-6 (2700-PM-AQ0206)
    Petroleum Dry Cleaning Process
  • GP-7 (2700-PM-AQ0207)
    Sheet-fed Offset Lithographic Printing Press
  • GP-8 (2700-PM-AQ0208)
    Powder Metal Sintering Furnaces
  • GP-9 (2700-PM-AQ0209)
    Diesel or No.2 Fuel-Fired IC Engines
  • GP-10 (2700-PM-AQ0210)
    Non-Heatset Web Offset Lithographic Printing Press
  • GP-11 (2700-PM-AQ0211)
    Nonroad Engines
  • GP-12 (2700-PM-AQ0212)
    Fugitive Dust Sources and Diesel Fired IC Engines at Coal and Coal Refuse Preparation Plants
  • GP-13
    Hot Mix Asphalt Plants
  • GP-14 (2700-PM-AQ0024)
    Human or Animal Crematories
  • GP-15 (2700-PM-AQ0216)
    Feed Mills
  • GP-19 (2700-PM-AQ0025)
    Dry Abrasive Blasting Operations
  • GP-22 (2700-PM-AQ0026)
    Landfill Gas-Fired Simple Cycle Turbine(s)
  • GP-24 (2700-PM-AQ0215)
    Pharmaceutical & Specialty Chemical Production