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(All Reports Are Confidential)


Spills and other emergencies in the South-central Region should be reported immediately to DEP by telephone to 866-825-0208 (24 Hours) or by calling 1-800-541-2050.

South-central Service Representative
Jeff Minskey (717) 705-4709
909 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17110
State Wide Toll-Free Number 866-255-5158

Click the link below to e-mail a complaint about an environmental problem to the regional DEP Service Representative. Complainants will receive an e-mail* acknowledgment that the complaint has been received and referred for action. DEP staff will provide information on the status of the investigation by telephone or in writing.

Clicking Submit acknowledges that DEP forms are hosted via a third-party service. To view complainants' privacy rights, please refer to the privacy notice at

* If the citizen does not receive email notification, please configure email settings to allow messages from

Thank you for helping to protect the environment!

* Note - Location of Problem - County is a required field. 

* Note - Email address is a required field. To make an anonymous complaint, sign up for a free e-mail account with Gmail. This will enable the complainant to remain anonymous while still providing DEP with the ability to contact the complainant.

Environmental Complaint Form