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Phone Directory

General Information

Main Switchboard: 814-332-6945

File Reviews: 814-332-6078

File Reviews Fax: 814-332-6344

Director's Office 814-332-6816

Regional Director: James E. Miller

Assistant Regional Director: Staci Gustafson

Environmental Justice Advocate: Nora Alwine: 412-442-4000

Emergency Response Program Manager: Gordon Buckley

Office of Pollution Prevention & Energy Assistance Manager: Geoff Bristow

Community Relations Coordinator: Melanie Williams

Local Government Liaison: Erin Wells

Service Representative: Kim Yeakle

Information Technology Generalist II: Angela Davis

Business Management 814-332-6816

Regional Business Manager: Jeremy Preston

Administrative Officer 1: Teresa Willey

Human Resource Assistant: Fallon Phelps

Air Quality Program 814-332-6940

Environmental Program Manager: Eric Gustafson

Environmental Engineer Manager (New Source Review Permitting): Dave Balog, PE

Environmental Group Manager (Title V/ Facilities Permitting): Matt Williams

Environmental Group Manager (Operations): Lori McNabb

District Supervisor:(Meadville/Warren): Kimberly Fleet, acting

District Supervisor (New Castle/Knox): Scott Dyll

Chief Counsel 814-332-6070

Regional Counsel: Doug Moorhead

Supervisory Assistant Counsel: Mike Braymer

Assistant Counsel: Angela Erde

Assistant Counsel: Hope Campbell

Assistant Counsel: Carl Ballard

Assistant Counsel: Kayla Despenes

Assistant Counsel: Nicole Rial

Clean Water Program 814-332-6942

Environmental Program Manager: John Holden, PE

Environmental Engineer Manager: (Permits Chief) Justin Dickey, PE

Environmental Engineer Manager: (Planning Chief & PENNVEST) Mike Zimmerman, PE

Environmental Group Manager: (Operations & Compliance Chief) Eric Kicher

Sewage Planning Specialist Supervisor: Cindy Selby

Water Quality Specialist Supervisor: Susan Black

Water Quality Specialist Supervisor: Sean Singer

Water Pollution Biologist Supervisor: Joe Brancato

Environmental Cleanup and Brownfields Program 814-332-6648

Environmental Program Manager: Anita Stainbrook

Hazardous Sites Cleanup Section Chief: Charles Tordella

Hazardous Site Cleanup Supervisor: Chuck Byham

Storage Tanks Section Chief: Kammy Halterman

Storage Tanks Supervisor: David Hall

Land Recycling Section Chief: John O'Hara, PG

Oil & Gas Program 814-332-6860

District Manager: Craig Lobins, PG

Compliance & Monitoring Manager: Richard Neville

Compliance & Monitoring Manager: Scott Dudzic

Water Quality Specialist Supervisor: Scott Lux

Water Quality Specialist Supervisor: (Knox) Chad Meyer

Water Quality Specialist Supervisor: (Warren) Rich Sheriff

Oil & Gas Inspector Supervisor: Doug Welsh

Oil & Gas Inspector Supervisor: (Warren) Steve Lencer

Water Supply Investigation Manager: Joe Lichtinger, PG

Drill Permits Manager: Brian Babb, PG

Surface Activity Permits Manager: Ken Scott, PE

Safe Drinking Water Program 814-332-6899

Environmental Program Manager: Brad Vanderhoof, PE

Permitting and Technical Services Chief: Brad Schott, PE

Operations Section Chief: Matt Postlewaite

Sanitarian Supervisor: Thomas Blair

Sanitarian Supervisor: Melissa Crow

Waste Management Program 814-332-6848

Environmental Program Manager: Christina Wilhelm

Operations Manager: Brian Mummert

Operations Supervisor: John Crow

Operations Supervisor: Vacant

Facilities Manager: Joel Fair, PE

Residual Waste Coordinator: Mark Cresswell

Waterways and Wetlands Program 814-332-6984

Environmental Program Manager: Lori Boughton

Permitting and Technical Services Chief: Karl Gross, PE

Assessment and Planning Section Chief: Ron Lybrook

Black Fly Coordinator: Eric Mosbacher

West Nile Virus Coordinator: Nate Irwin

Tom Ridge Environmental Center 814-833-7474

Office of the Great Lakes: Tim Bruno 814-835-1477

Great Lakes Biologist: Jim Grazio, PhD 814-217-9636